SpringAway Facial Hair Remover By ELAJ

Product Description

SpringAway Facial Hair Remover By ELAJ

The SpringAway Facial Hair Remover by ELAJ is one the best ways in removing unwanted facial hair! (This product is part of our SPRINGAWAY Kit!)
  1. Start by flexing the Spring Away into a downward curve.
  2. Place onto appropriate spot on face, and  slowly roll upwards against the hair.
  3. Twist the handles in opposite directions.
  4. Roll upwards in short motions around Chin, Lower & Upper Lips, Nose and Cheeks and carefully on upper forehead avoiding hairline and eyebrows. (NOT for use around eyebrows or eyelashes)
  5. To maximize hair capture, puff your cheeks out when rolling on cheeks. For chin, tighten the area by exaggerating a smile or pushing your tongue into the inner lips while Spring Away rolls on the same outer area simultaneously.

Soon enough in just a few rolls you’ll get the hang of it and won’t be able to put it down until you discover how smooth and silky a fuzz-free face can be in just a few minutes. If you are used to conventional cotton threading, this may even be less painful! For sensitive skin or first timers, it will take a few times for the skin to get accustomed to the tingling sensation.

Because hair grows in different cycles, it may be necessary to do touch ups in a few days or up to several weeks in between usage depending on your individual hair growth.

For MORE details about the incredible SpringAway Facial Hair Remover by ELAJ along with our kit, please go ahead and check out our video: