SpringAway Kit by ELAJ

Product Description

SpringAway Kit by ELAJ

THE SPRING AWAY Hair Remover Kit by ELAJ is specially designed for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Take it with you anywhere and it’s even TSA travel friendly in your carry-on bag! From Today you will never have to be embarrassed from unwanted facial hair. 

The Kit Includes:

  1. ELAJ SpringAway Facial Hair Remover - $18.99
  2. ELAJ SpringAway Facial Exfoliation Towel - $6.00
  3. ELAJ RoseWater Mist Toner (3 oz.) - $9.99 
  4. ELAJ Emollience (1 oz.) - $24.9
 Sold Separately: $59.97
 You Save: $9.98

For MORE details about this incredible Kit, check out our video: