SpringAway-RoseWater Mist Toner by ELAJ

Product Description

RoseWater Mist Toner by ELAJ

Rose Water Toner For Face (3.0 oz) -- Part of the SpringAway Kit

Rose Water is the very valuable steam-distilled hydrosol portion of rose petals. The purest of Rose Water has been treasured and used since ancient times for medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic purposes. Numerous Rose Water benefits include antibacterial, soothing, healing and antiseptic properties.

  1. Because Spring Away captures hair from the root, the open pores may be exposed to bacteria so it is necessary to cleanse the face with a gentle, non-toxic toner that helps to close pores.
  2. After using Spring Away, Spray 1 mist puff of ELAJ Rose Water onto the face and wipe with a clean, cotton ball to all affected areas.
  3. Enjoy this invigorating treatment that may tingle for a few seconds and will provide your skin with a clean finish. 

For MORE details about the incredible SpringAway RoseWater Mist Toner by ELAJ, along with the kit, please go ahead and check out our video:

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