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Product Questions

ELAJ Eczema Therapy is registered in full compliance with the FDA as an Over The Counter Eczema Therapy. It is manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility and complies with all requirements of the FDA Monograph for a Skin Protectant using Active Ingredients accepted by the FDA for minor skin irritations and itching due to Eczema.

1.  In most cases, the itching is reduced immediately! That may seem wonderful to you, but that's not enough for us. That may give you a false sense of relief and that you are in the clear. Don't fall for it! With Eczema - that's only half the battle.

2.  The second part of the battle is for you to be consistent and remember to keep applying the emollient 3-4 x day and generously before bed throughout that obnoxious flare up period and a minimum of two weeks after the flare up. Trust that ELAJ is working behind the scenes and let it run its full cycle of "re-training" the skin back to its healthier pH parameters.

3.  Meanwhile, start tracking your progress and connect the dots to other factors that may be contributing to the flare ups. Patterns will begin to appear. Once they do, you can begin your healing journey with a stronger sense of control of your own health.

1.  One of the reasons ELAJ Eczema Therapy works so well is that it has the staying power to saturate into the skin because it's so thick. It's not a typical "moisturizer" that starts with the first ingredient of water like most on the market. Severe dry skin conditions require a heavier emollient and that is precisely what ELAJ Eczema Therapy is.

2.  A great trick to spread ELAJ Eczema Therapy onto painfully sensitive skin - try scooping some out and rubbing it between fingers and palm of your hand for a few seconds to warm it up and then it softens and spreads more easily.

1.  The Dead Sea Salts contain high ratios of minerals that the body needs to survive. When the body is re-introduced to soaking or applying that wonderful ratio of minerals, the body seems to enjoy the replenishment of these minerals by immediate relief. The relief comes in a variety of ways. From reducing inflammation to exfoliation of the top layer of dead skin, thereby allowing new, fresh, shiny skin to glow.

2.  Our ELAJ® SALTERAL offers a proprietary blend of Dead Sea Salts with Epsom, Magnesium, Honey Powder, Seaweed Algae and other amazing minerals.

3.  When the skin is raw and inflamed we recommend first using ELAJ® Therapy a few days to help facilitate the recovery process. Then soaking in a tub of tepid water and 2 cups of our ELAJ® SALTERAL to help relax and jumpstart new skin cleansing and rejuvenation.

4.  Enjoy the benefits of ELAJ® SALTERAL to exfoliate and cleanse and prep the skin for deeper absorption of ELAJ® THERAPY.

In the most delicate areas even around eyes, ears lobes, lips, scalp, even irritated genital areas all the way down to dry, cracked heels. ELAJ is that very gentle and works to heal, protect, and moisturize all skin issues.

1.  Yes – in fact, our customers have told us a great trick. Blend your favorite foundation with a light coat of ELAJ and it serves beautifully as a smoothing base coat to your makeup regime! Expect a nice, hydrated glow look and lots of compliments! If you’re aiming for a matte finish – it will require a matte type of foundation and a second layer of powder to offset the ELAJ glow look.

2.  ELAJ has been hailed as an amazing lip gloss with a soft sheen. Not only are you getting the intense moisturization – but also a back up of incredible sun-protecting ingredients such as Zinc Oxide! Who knew an Eczema Therapy could be so fabulous as a secret Beauty Weapon? We did – but now it’s your turn!

3.  We can go on and on here – but don’t underestimate ELAJ for removing difficult eye - makeup. For those that suffer from Eczema, you know you need to be more careful and not use the harsh cleansers. Well – ELAJ has you covered on this one too!

Quite the opposite is what you can expect. There is a natural detergent in ELAJ® that keeps it cleaner and breathing while absorbing the good stuff meant to jumpstart the recovery process of skin’s pH.

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