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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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How do I Use ELAJ® for my Eczema?

1. Simply apply 3-4 x per day or more as needed to the flare up and the surrounding area. For example, if you have a 1" patch of eczema, then apply generously to that spot and the circumference around it so that total application is about 2" diameter from center.

2. Also, make sure to apply generously before bed. A thicker layer of ELAJ®Eczema Therapy will take longer to absorb and last throughout the night to give you that long, 8-hour stretch of time to alleviate itching. That, in turn gives your skin an uninterrupted chance to recover without further breakage from itching. Not to mention, you need your sleep!

3.  Don't forget to take BEFORE and AFTER pictures so you can monitor your own progress and keep a health diary of when your flare ups are less and when they get worse. So many people don't realize there are patterns to their Eczema roller coaster rides and when they start tracking, things begin to make sense. Stress can trigger you to food cravings that reek havoc on your body. Some of those can be dairy, wheat, sugar, chocolate or alcohol consumption which may sabotages the immune system that throw another upside down twist in the never-ending cycle of Eczema madness.


Is ELAJ® Eczema Therapy FDA Approved? 

1. ELAJ Eczema Therapy is registered in full compliance with the FDA as an Over The Counter Eczema Therapy. It is manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility and complies with all requirements of the FDA Monograph for a Skin Protectant using Active Ingredients accepted by the FDA for minor skin irritations and itching due to Eczema.


How long will it take before I see results?

1.  In most cases, the itching is reduced immediately! That may seem wonderful to you, but that's not enough for us. That may give you a false sense of relief and that you are in the clear. Don't fall for it! With Eczema - that's only half the battle.

2.  The second part of the battle is for you to be consistent and remember to keep applying the emollient 3-4 x day and generously before bed throughout that obnoxious flare up period and a minimum of two weeks after the flare up. Trust that ELAJ is working behind the scenes and let it run its full cycle of "re-training" the skin back to its healthier pH parameters.

3.  Meanwhile, start tracking your progress and connect the dots to other factors that may be contributing to the flare ups. Patterns will begin to appear. Once they do, you can begin your healing journey with a stronger sense of control of your own health.


Will ELAJ® Eczema Therapy actually cure my eczema?

1.  NO. Let's be clear about this - Eczema is a mean and complicated roller-coaster. The slightest variation to your lifestyle, habits, diet and auto-immune system can trigger random skin reactions. It is an on-going condition and may be more complicated with internal complexities. We do not believe any singular product or medication will ever be the end-all cure-all for something as profoundly multi-faceted as Eczema.

2.  Think of ELAJ as a bridge to carry you over the rough waters. Keep ELAJ with you at all times because you never know when you may begin a flare up and need that bridge to take you to the quieter side. It's always easier to nip the flare ups in the bud before it goes into full bloom and the itchy histamines begin their vicious party that no curfew can control.


ELAJ® Therapy is really thick - can I mix it with another moisturizer/medication just to spread it more easily?

1.  One of the reasons ELAJ Eczema Therapy works so well is that it has the staying power to saturate into the skin because it's so thick. It's not a typical "moisturizer" that starts with the first ingredient of water like most on the market. Severe dry skin conditions require a heavier emollient and that is precisely what ELAJ Eczema Therapy is.

2.  A great trick to spread ELAJ Eczema Therapy onto painfully sensitive skin - try scooping some out and rubbing it between fingers and palm of your hand for a few seconds to warm it up and then it softens and spreads more easily.


My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone for my Eczema. Can I use both?

1.  Although ELAJ® Eczema Therapy will not sabotage or conflict with other products, the results will not be fairly assessed because they work in such different ways. Therefore, we do not suggest using both simultaneously.


I'm beginning to hear a lot about the side effects of topical steroids and even low grade hydrocortisone. Where can I get more information?

1.  If you have a prescription, refer back to the actual insert of your medication. Get your magnifying glass out and sit back and read every word of the fine print.

2.  As always, talk to your doctor about your concerns about using Topical Steroids and what options are available to you. We, at ELAJ, feel that ELAJ® Therapy certainly helps fill that void as an alternative to hydrocortisone/corticosteroid options.

3.  Another source is which stands for International Topical Steroid Awareness Network. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness of the side effects of topical steroids and the cyclical nature of how they work.


What's the #1 thing I can do for my Eczema?

1.  Eczema has been on the rise and is now gaining momentum in epidemic ratios in proportion to the industrialization of nations. As our bodies are invaded with pollution, food preservatives, toxins, fragrances, plastics, etc., our dearly beloved liver can only do so much from those elements that leave toxic residues in you. Every time your skin flares up, think of your liver and immune systems sending a desperate S.O.S. text message through your skin asking you for some mercy.

2.  Start with baby steps. Reduce sugar. If you survive that next try eliminating alcohol, junk food, wheat, gluten, etc., A process of methodical elimination while monitoring your body’s reactions should help you discover your own triggers. That elimination of course includes, topical soaps, detergents, fragrances and any other environmental factors that come in “contact” with your skin.


Should I continue using Anti-Bacterial soaps to make sure I don't get infections?

1.  Over the years, numerous studies have proven that washing vigorously with a gentle soap for 20 seconds accomplishes the same as using Anti-bacterial Soaps. The FDA recently published their own warning on their website as well. Not to mention the environmental hazards these toxic detergents cause when washed downstream to our rivers and waterways.

2.  We do NOT recommend anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers as they tend to be too harsh on skin. We do recommend DOVE, white unscented bar soap. In fact, we also suggest keeping a smaller, travel size in your purse or pocket in a little plastic zip tight baggy when leaving home so you are not at the mercy of public restrooms that use the cheaper, more toxic anti-bacterial soaps.

3.  Read the package labels of any hand sanitizer and you'll find they are generally made of 62% alcohol or include Triclosan. Either of which are considered too dangerous to your skin's pH and / or endocrine disrupters which ultimately affect your precious immune system.


I’ve heard of natural benefits from the DEAD SEA SALTS, how do they work?

1.  The Dead Sea Salts contain high ratios of minerals that the body needs to survive. When the body is re-introduced to soaking or applying that wonderful ratio of minerals, the body seems to enjoy the replenishment of these minerals by immediate relief. The relief comes in a variety of ways. From reducing inflammation to exfoliation of the top layer of dead skin, thereby allowing new, fresh, shiny skin to glow.

2.  Our ELAJ® SALTERAL offers a proprietary blend of Dead Sea Salts with Epsom, Magnesium, Honey Powder, Seaweed Algae and other amazing minerals.

3.  When the skin is raw and inflamed we recommend first using ELAJ® Therapy a few days to help facilitate the recovery process. Then soaking in a tub of tepid water and 2 cups of our ELAJ® SALTERAL to help relax and jumpstart new skin cleansing and rejuvenation.

4.  Enjoy the benefits of ELAJ® SALTERAL to exfoliate and cleanse and prep the skin for deeper absorption of ELAJ® THERAPY.


Is ELAJ® Therapy safe to apply anywhere?

1.  Where there is skin – ELAJ® is welcome! In the most delicate areas even around eyes, ears lobes, lips, scalp, even irritated genital areas all the way down to dry, cracked heels. ELAJ® Therapy is that gentle and yet, works in a multi-tasking way for so many skin issues.

2.  We have collected so many stories from customers about how they discovered what ELAJ can do and from that, we’ve derived an archive of ways to use ELAJ®. Stay tuned…


I have Eczema on my face, can I use makeup on top?

1.  Yes – in fact, our customers have told us a great trick. Blend your favorite foundation with a light coat of ELAJ® Therapy and it serves beautifully as a smoothing base coat to your makeup regime! Expect a nice, hydrated glow look and lots of compliments! If you’re aiming for a matte finish – it will require a matte type of foundation and a second layer of powder to offset the ELAJ® glow look.

2.  ELAJ® Therapy has been hailed as an amazing lip gloss with a soft sheen. Not only are you getting the intense moisturization – but also a back up of incredible sun-protecting ingredients such as Zinc Oxide! Who knew an Eczema Therapy could be so fabulous as a secret Beauty Weapon? We did – but now it’s your turn!

3.  We can go on and on here – but don’t underestimate ELAJ® Therapy for removing difficult eye - makeup. For those that suffer from Eczema, you know you need to be more careful and not use the harsh cleansers. Well – ELAJ® has you covered on this one too!


Will ELAJ® Therapy clog my pores?

1.  Quite the opposite is what you can expect. There is a natural detergent in ELAJ® that keeps it cleaner and breathing while absorbing the good stuff meant to jumpstart the recovery process of skin’s pH.



How do I use my new SPRINGAWAY?