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THE SECRET IS FINALLY REVEALED, From the highest altitudes of the EuroAsian Steppes of the Caucasus Mountains to the extreme desert landscapes of the arid Mideast, comes the miracle of ELAJ. An ointment as rich in ancient remedies, as the protected medicinal secrets of the Mediterranean has arrived in the West.

After the 1917 Russian Communist revolution, a mass exodus of peoples migrated to the Mideast. With each sunrise, these fair-skinned people had to face the challenge of extreme damage to their ultra-sensitive skin. It is said the the Caucasus Mountains were aptly named in 1795 by the German Scientist and classical anthropologist, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in light of the peoples who carried the pales of skin tones whom he considered to be the archetype for the grouping.

In pursuit of a solution to help his own people of Circassian & Georgian Tribal Heritages adapt to the harshest of dry desert climates, the surgeon, M.A. Bchihalouk, MD., relentlessly studied the ancient herbal medicines from Greece, Turkey to the Mideast and formulated an emollient to create a barrier of protection for the skin from these extreme elements.

This formula became the basis of his success in his clinic. The ointment was further tested on post-operative incisions and discovered cellular regeneration accelerated the healing process. Adapting the formula to highly-sensitive skin of the people from the Caucasus was the biggest challenge. But a few secrets of the ancients to recover ‘elasticity’ was discovered and in that secret the potential of ELAJ ® was realized!

Damaged skin tissue was protected by the sun, wind and natural ageing with an emulsive system that blended a cohesive group of vitamins and minerals. The penetration of the ointment was the key to its success.

Oxygenation is also key to deeper penetration. The unique formula was able to maintain the level of protection and moisture barrier linger than anything available until today.

By the third generation of loyal users, the results of ELAJ ® Emollience are now crediting ELAJ ® into its own genre of skin salvation. In honor of its name, it was born to heal. The secret is out… Let the healing begin® …