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Healing Scars Globally

Our "real mission" is to reach the goal of:

For every ELAJ jar purchased,

a jar will be donated to a victim of war or violence around the world. 

Even in the early modest days of launching ELAJ, LLC, the Founder Suhein Beck gave away many samples of ELAJ Emollience to those in need that could not afford any treatment for their problematic skin.

This natural tendency became even more evident on a trip to Vietnam where the ELAJ family came across an orphanage of 200+ orphans who still suffer severe itching skin conditions as a result of the Agent Orange contamination from the war. 


"Benevolent & silent action without a name is truly the most sincere form of giving."  


This grew into a continuous flow of reaching out to those in need all over the world. From Syrian refugee camps to abuse shelters domestically here in the United States, we just sent boxes of ELAJ without any inclination of what exactly this was leading to or expecting anything in return. And THAT is when our true purpose was defined. 


We know that skin is the first barrier against more complicated infections and diseases. Preventing further complications is much easier than aftercare which is never available in war and circumstances of violence.






HEALING SCARS GLOBALLY (HSG) was born out of our own firsthand experiences of the horrific effects of war.

       This is Youssef, an Iraqi child that was just playing outside his house when he was set on fire by a random act of cruelty during the Iraq war.

Today, ELAJ, LLC  donates to any victim(s) of war or violence around the world.

With similar missions as 'Doctors without Borders' and 'TOMS Shoes', our goal is to reach a "Jar for Jar" equivalent, whereby for every jar purchased, a jar will be donated to a victim in need to help heal scars, wounds or skin problems. Your purchase of ELAJ provides the direct means of getting ELAJ to orphanages, refugee camps, makeshift hospitals and abuse shelters. 

Thank you for joining us in our mission of Healing Scars Globally... 


Let the healing begin...®