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Mission and Values

The short and sassy version of who we are and what we “really” are about. 

We’ve been accused of being too humble.
Our products work, but we don’t exaggerate claims like other companies do.
Our customers are obsessively loyal - almost cultish (and we LOVE it!)

We do NOT believe in QC (Quality Control).
We know we crossed the line a long time ago and we are guilty of OC (Obsession Control).
Maybe we need therapy?
Maybe not!
It’s All About Us.
We can’t help talking about ELAJ and our pride in our ingredients, our suppliers and sources and our proprietary manufacturing process.
It’s all part of OUR satisfaction, OUR confidence, OUR commitment to build your sacred trust.
This may sound ridiculously simple, but it truly starts with us – goes to you – but ultimately comes back to us in a full circle.  
But when ELAJ works for you in some wonderful, miraculous way, you decide if that’s ok with you that it is about us. 
We are GUILTY.
We have seriously big egos.
We take it all personally.
We have no mercy.
We also don’t execute the savviest of business acumen either.
However, it seems to somehow have paid off miraculously.
Our reputation has expanded globally and we have international distributors that have sought us, not the other way around.

We have no regrets.
We sleep with a clear conscience about our daily decisions. 
We respect our planet and know what we put out there will come back to us. 
We are confident. 
Our commitment to you – is to always offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Our secret internal unofficial Corporate Motto?
No QC (Quality Control)
Just OC (Obsessive Control)
We keep nagging.
Let the healing begin...®