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Meet the Founder


Suhein Beck never imagined her life in the highly competitive skincare industry, or in fact, anything related to chemistry and pH scales which she absolutely hated in high school.

The ELAJ formula was passed down and protected through the generations from her grandfather, Dr. M.A. Bchihalouk, and the unanimous consensus from each and every person that tried it was that it must reach the market to those in need.

From the Founder, Suhein Beck

" I was growing up, I actually hated the creme because my mother insisted that we use it for everything. Remember the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"  where the father used Windex for everything?

Yes - ELAJ was our Windex for anything skin-related. Growing up as an awkward and very pale immigrant teen in sunny Southern California, all I wanted was to experiment with more sophisticated market name brands in cosmetics and miraculously look tan, but I was unknowingly saving my skin by using ELAJ all those years! "

The official A-HA moment was the day I pulled out my little jar to help my hairdresser who had contracted severe eczema and contact dermatitis. He called a week later begging me for some more for him and each one of his hairdressers and said, "name your price..." 

The rest is history!

Suhein brings 30 years of management experience in business to her family's heritage of ELAJ.  Not one day goes by that she doesn't appreciate the blessings of being able to help people by touching them with a formula that simply speaks for itself. She measures the success of ELAJ by how many people take the time to let us know how ELAJ benefitted their life each and every day!

That's why we LOVE to hear from you. How do you use ELAJ? Everyone has a different story. From Eczema to Cosmetic Moisturizer to Radiation Burns - each day brings us new stories about how ELAJ touched our customer's lives.  These stories FUEL OUR PASSION even more! 

We are waiting to hear about YOUR ELAJ JOURNEY!  

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