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For 3 generations ELAJ® has brought relief to so many and now it is your turn to experience what ELAJ® can do for you. My family has taken obsessive care in preserving this amazing formula over the years. We promise to continue to uphold the highest standard of quality NATURAL INGREDIENTS that goes into every jar. We are also strict guardians of the formula to make sure what does not go into each jar is just as important.


No Preservatives

No Alcohol

No Toxins

No Fragrance

No Parabens

Certainly, No Hydrocortisone


That’s why we absolutely honor every jar with a Money-Back Guarantee. Even if you return an empty jar – THAT’s how confident we are!


Bu when you do LOVE ELAJ®, we invite you to share your honest healing story with us and the world! Our customers have taught us so much more about our product after they discovered so many unique ways to use ELAJ®. Those stories have fueled our engines over the years and kept our mission alive to “get ELAJ® into every medicine cabinet around the world!”