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Topical Steroids

Why should you be cautious about using Topical Steroids? 


The side effects could be dangerous. 

There - we said it. 

After 60 years of the medical world having a love affair with steroids, the public is just now realizing that corticosteroids and hydrocortisone may not be as safe and harmless as touted by medical professionals around the world. 

We believe that there are incredible benefits from using them under EXTREME supervision of a well-informed Medical Practitioner. 

However, we do NOT believe that Hydrocortisone should be available Over-The-Counter. In fact, neither did the American Academy of Dermatology as they actively lobbied against it becoming so readily available to the public without a prescription. 

Another aspect of Topical Steroid side effects are that the Benefits vs. Risks have not been properly documented over the years. So there is an implied umbrella of it being safe since adverse drug reactions have not being reported as often as they should have been.  

 According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology
Volume 54, Number 1

" Despite the legal obligation to report to regulatory agencies observed adverse drug reactions, the clinical practice of reporting is rather poor and incomplete. It is estimated that the majority of the moderate to severe side effects will never be reported to regulatory authorities, especially since the drug in question {Corticosteroids} was introduced a long time ago. " 


Dr. Einskin

 We hope to be a voice representing many that   have suffered silently for far too long. 


These slides  are part of our Topical Steroid Public Awareness Campaign to help spread awareness and diligence to the medical community as well as the public.




Topical Steroid Side Effects Adverse Drug Reactions

Topical Steroid Side Effects are not being reported as ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS as often as they occur. 


Topical Steroids are NOT the magic drug

Yes, CorticoSteroids are necessary and extremely helpful for so many medical situations, however they should not be offered as the magic drug as they have been, especially for long-term chronic conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. 


Topical Steroid Side Effects on Glaucoma and Cataracts

Topical Steroid Side Effects on Intra-Ocular Pressure shows accelerated potential of complications of Glaucoma and Cataracts - even for younger patients!



Topical Steroid Rebound Phenomenon

Topical Steroid Rebound Phenomenon is real. Prescriptions disclose to NOT use more than 2 weeks at a time, otherwise Adrenal Suppression may occur. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects Adrenal Fatigue

Once the Adrenals get wind of CORTISOL being introduced artificially by HydroCortisone and Topical Steroids, the Adrenals reduce their output of the body's natural immune hormone, CORTISOL.   Yeah, good luck with that...



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Fetal Growth

Risks of pregnancy related complications with using Topical Steroids need to be considered carefully with your caring Medical Practitioner. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects Growth Retardation

Growth retardation is a possibility since CORTISOL is also part of the growth hormone system and would be reduced upon topical application continuously. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Thinning Skin in Youth and Elderly

Because their skin is naturally thinner, their absoption rates are higher. That needs to be calculated in ratio to the prescription given. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects Emotional Health

Body Temperature is moderated by the Endocrine System. Once the body becomes "Topical Steroid Addicted" it is more difficult for temperature and metabolism control. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Sleeping

Topical Steroid Addiction can set in and cause anxiety and restless sleep patterns. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Thinning Skin on Face

Ironically Topical Steroids are known to cause thing of skin, which makes skin more susceptible to Contact dermatitis and Sun Damage and Steroid Induced Rosacea. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Immune System

The nature of the beast is simple. Steroids are an immuno-suppressant.  Infections have a higher success rate on someone who has a compromised immune system. We feel your pain...really we do. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects can be LONG TERM

The LONG-TERM Side Effects of Topical Steroids are fascinating. Unfortunately the medical establishment is not as fascinated as we are and the thousands that have suffered alone without the support of their doctors acknowledging the cause and effect of using Corticosteroids long term. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior?  Steroids are known to trigger an imbalance of hormones. Enough said. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Skin Sensitivity

Add Skin Sensitivity to Low Temperature Tolerance and that should make for an interesting tug of war for the thermostat at home, office and car.  Basic activities such as showers become painful chores for those suffering from Topical Steroid Addiction and Withdrawal. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects on Babies

Not only are babies at higher risk for Contact dermatitis in their private parts, but absorption is so much higher in the most vulnerable of reproductive areas. 




Topical Steroid Side Effects on Hair Loss

Hair loss is just one bonus to the many struggles of those dealing with Topical Steroid Addiction and trying to withdraw on their own!




Topical Steroid Side Effects are NOT Magical

Ever wonder how Hydrocortisone and Topical Steroids work magically, yet symptoms keep coming back with a vengeance?   It's not magic. It's Steroid Rebound Phenomenon and it's real. 




Topical Steroid Side Effects Doctors Don't believe

So many patients reported being ridiculed at the mere mention of Topical Steroid Side Effects. That is is part of the reason so many patients opt out of returning and reporting the true ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS to the doctor that simply upgrades the prescription to a higher dosage instead of helping the patient diagnose the root cause. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects Wet Wrapping

Yes. This is real. But this is NOT the way to treat long-term chronic conditions and sabotage the entire immune system. 



Topical Steroid Side Effects recognized by Indian Dermatologists

We applaud the doctors in INDIA for being the first to bring attention to the Ministry of Health to reverse the law that allowed Hydrocortisone to be sold Over-The-Counter.  Extreme cases of Topical Steroid Addiction has been cited in India due to abuse with skin-lightening methods. 


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