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ELAJ Dead Sea Salteral

Product Description

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ELAJ SALTERAL is part of our 14-day challenge kit

It goes far, far beyond other bath salts in the proprietary blend of salts & minerals, cleansers and honey and seaweed powder creating an unprecedented combination of therapeutic rejuvenation.  This formula harmonizes approximately 85 different minerals, 12 of which are rare and can only be found in the Dead Sea. The most essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium chloride and bromides can be found in a Dead Sea salt bath which makes for an effective cleansing and exfoliating agent. When applied to the skin, ELAJ SALTERAL act as a powerful detoxifier that draws out toxins and impurities while adding beneficial nutrients. ELAJ SALTERAL stands alone in what it offers without any comparable in the market today. 



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