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ELAJ LavaRock

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ELAJ LavaRock

This natural form of LavaRock that exfoliates callouses off the most extreme cases of "leathered" feet is part of our 14-Day Challenge Kit that you must check out! 

Unlike pumice stones that quickly dissolve and disintegrate AND house bacteria and fungi, this natural mineral LavaRock will remain in same form and is a much safer, sanitary solution. 

Simply lather feet with soap and water and scrub with the LavaRock EACH shower (nagging voice coming your way) and within days callouses start to soften and safely dissolve the layers gently and oh-so wonderfully! 

Once this essential habit shows amazing results, you won't want to bypass a shower without giving your feet a good scrub! Callouses and dry cracks can develop in just a weekend getaway while walking barefoot around the pool with chlorine and drying chemicals that wreak havoc - so this little  WMD "weapon of mass destruction" will become an integral part of your bathing regime wherever you go! You've been warned - Get ready for soft feet that deserve respect!

Think of it this way...Would you ever consider walking out the house without brushing your teeth? Now refrain from brushing your teeth for a few days. You can already feel the plaque and tarter on your teeth right? Same concept with your poor feet that get neglected. So please - consider this example next time you want to skip over scrubbing your feet!

If you live in an area that has 'hard' water , you can expect white calcium-type spots to develop. That is completely normal and does not affect the effectiveness of your LavaRock.  If you are OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and insist on cleaning your LavaRock - simply spray good-ol fashioned vinegar to satisfy your needs, however it will last a lifetime without a second thought!


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