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Behind The Scenes — Circassian

What is Circassian?

What is Circassian?

The right question is actually, Who are Circassians? 

We are a cultural ethnic group that has been conveniently deleted out of history books.

In these two videos of Circassian 101, most questions can be answered! From our geography to how many of us remain in the diaspora and in our sacred ancestral land of Kavkazia, also referred to as Cherkassia. 

Our art, music, and folkloric dances offer a glimpse into an ancient world. The company, ELAJ, LLC was founded by Circassians. The modern entrepreneurial story cannot be told without understanding the courageous journey from a tragic genocide in the majestic mountains of the Caucasus to their refuge around the world and how they survived ethnic cleansing. 

The story of healing is always part of the mission of ELAJ. Not just about skin, but the deeper healing in our souls. This is our story of healing...finally we can bring it to the world.  

Let the healing begin... 

Circassian 101  ~ Part 1



Circassian 101 ~ Part 2 ~ Gameshow

Welcome to “Behind the Scenes” of ELAJ

Welcome to “Behind the Scenes” of ELAJ

How did this ELAJ skincare formula, from an obscure village in Syria, become a beloved brand around the world? Learn more on our website/blog that takes you around the globe in a span of 150 years to sunny Southern California where we manufacture and ship ELAJ out to the world!