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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes” of ELAJ

Welcome to “Behind the Scenes” of ELAJ

Welcome to “Behind the Scenes” of ELAJ

This is where we take you back in time to where it all started for ELAJ. From our Circassian family in the majestic Caucasus Mountains in 1864 to the ancient streets of Damascus to our family’s western voyage of manifesting the American Entrepreneurial Dream!

Suhein Beck in 1974 in front of Statue of Liberty wearing her Circassian Ethnic Dress

Bring your passports, bullet-proof vests, and hair spray because we hold nothing back on this wild, roller-coaster journey that travels back and forth in time across cultures and minds. 

How did this ELAJ skincare formula, from an obscure village in Syria, become a beloved brand around the world?  This blog is about our history, art, ancient medicine, inspirational testimonies, and our family’s crazy, genetic disposition of fearlessness. 

ELAJ is about healing. That word comes with a wide range of meaning. We want to share the stories that heal, not just our skin, but our souls. 

From our family to yours, welcome! 
(Now please buckle up your seatbelts)

Suhein Beck                                                                                           

CEO/Founder of ELAJ, LLC

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