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Opening a Kiosk at Santa Ana Mall

Opening a Kiosk at Santa Ana Mall

Opening a Kiosk in Santa Ana Mall was a BIG Mistake! 

We opened on New Years Day and closed 1 month later. The hours were brutal and the foot traffic was only getting worse. There were so many reasons why this was not a good move. 

A. The demographics of the shoppers did not fit our price point.

B. The hours were so hard to manage. 

C. Stores all around were closing! 

Our daughters tried to help and keep the kiosk open but it was a losing battle from the get-go. The location was horrible and management did not tell us that the anchor tenant, Macy's was closing right in front of our kiosk. 

The minute that happened, we had a legitimate reason to quit the lease and move out and we did! 

Sometimes, we just have to turn over each stone and clear our conscious that we tried everything and left no opportunity to the wind. 

Our loyal customers did show up for us though...They always do. 


So here's a painful memory. That first night as we were setting up on New Years EVE - you can imagine our kids were NOT HAPPY about spending it setting up our Kiosk! If looks could kill...


And then this happened...I pulled out one of the heavy drawers from the Kiosk and it landed on my foot! It immediately started to swell and I could not walk on it. We quickly finished just before midnight at the mall and rushed home. The NEXT DAY was NEW YEARS and the GRAND OPENING at the mall! 

So I literally had to soak in our ELAJ SALTERAL and try to reduce the swelling as much as possible. 

The good news ~ my foot fit into my shoe the next day! 

The bad news ~ it wasn't worth the pain to open that Kiosk in Santa Ana Mall. 

Lesson learned and we turned over another rock. 

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  • Suhein Beck