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Filming ELAJ TV Commercials

Filming ELAJ TV Commercials

Filming the (English) ELAJ TV Commercial in Laguna Beach, California and the (Spanish) TV Commercial in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was an amazing experience. 

It all came together so easily. Actually we started filming before the contract was even signed. One of our customers lived near San Diego, California and we had another local film crew do that photo/film shoot there, however we ended up not using that footage because the quality wasn't perfect. Right after we filmed that day, the licensees and I walked to a nearby TARGET store and signed the contract - no I am serious, on patio furniture outside the store! 

They were sincere and I felt it. We all had good intentions. They had been looking for 5 years for any product that specifically for eczema that had already gone through the rigamaroo of the FDA Federal Drug Administration's monograph requirements to be registered as an over-the-counter medication with a National Drug Center #.  ELAJ did just that and we had 5 years worth of testimonials about how well it helped manage the symptoms of itchy, rashy, wounded skin. 

I had just barely completed that process and received my packaging with the new DRUG PANEL! I was over the moon. They met me there. No TESLA and Richard Branson spaceships needed. And then it was FULL THRUST ANTI-GRAVITY ZIPLAUNCH day and night working harder, longer than I've ever worked (and I've always been a workaholic!)

Makeup by the famous Sandy Maranesi of East Coast Makeup





 Makeup by Gina Ribisi in S. California


And here we are prepping for the Spanish Commercial. Although I actually filmed my part in Spanish in Laguna Beach because my Spanish speech coach, Maria Guerra, was here, I felt more comfortable with her being close by. Gracias hermanita! 


Naughty microphone seemed to be shy and want to hide where the sun don't shine! 

 Hutton-Miller Film Studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

That is the amazing Dr. Bertha Baum, Dermatologist of Hollywood, Florida. Knowledgeable, beautiful, and incredible on camera! She was really impressed with ELAJ and came to the studio ready, aimed and fired her commercial perfectly. 


This is Dr. Miguel Quezada. He discovered ELAJ through a surgery center in Orange County, California. He took ELAJ to the resorts of Puerta Vallarta where he served as Chief doctor of the the resorts there. He discovered how it worked on pesky insect bites and the overall reduction of itching, rashes when vacationers would come up with mysterious skin problems. 


These ladies were actual customers in the area and provided the Spanish testimonials. 

Josefina, Suhein, and Soraya

Filming is 98% "oops" and "retakes" and "bloopers" that generates a constant stream of giggling and laughter. The funny bloopers are the best part of filming. The 2% that is spot-on good is magic! It's amazing how long it takes to chase down that 2%. Between the lights, prepping and makeup fixes - it's easily a full day's worth of work. 


ELAJ Spanish TV Commercial 


So we had great testimonials and got a quick vacay out of it in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale! This was our view from the hotel. Just 1 block away from the warm waters

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