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Our First Tradeshow Launching ELAJ in Wholesale

Our First Tradeshow Launching ELAJ in Wholesale

Our First Tradeshow at the International Spa Salon Expo in Long Beach was incredible! 

Our first experience in getting wholesale clients was at the Pro Beauty Association's biggest tradeshow event. ELAJ was a hit and we opened many accounts of salons and spas in those 3 days.  

This was really pivotal for us and helped gain traction in so many ways. Hairstylists and estheticians are the 2nd largest population that get Contact dermatitis. Nurses are the #1 largest work-related groups that get eczema on their hands. So this target market not only helped the salon owners sell ELAJ but helped them protect their most valuable tools...their own hands! 

Those valuable relationships helped build the ELAJ name in many independent salons around the country. We learned how to develop our own online curriculum and train the estheticians and salon owners about ELAJ and how it is a great alternative to prescription corticosteroids and hydrocortisone. 

This was our BEFORE setup picture the day before the show. Here is my wonderful soul sister, Catherine Bach who has been with ELAJ from the very beginning. Her constant support was integral in so many ways. 

Suhein Beck and Catherine Bach ready to open on show day at the Pro Beauty Association Tradeshow! 

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