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Coming to America

Coming to America

Our "Welcome" into America was more like a drama from "West-Side Story" but without the choreographed singing and dancing! 

From a harrowing escape on a midnight train from Syria to the rude awakening of being terrorized by gangs in New Jersey to heroic FBI agents working undercover in a sting operation, Suhein Beck's family just thought this was normal life as immigrants "Coming to America."

This biopic interview with Suhein's mother details their rough start to the American dream. It was more like a never-ending nightmare that haunted their lives. This is the first time either of them open up publicly about their family's adventures as Syrian/Circassian refugees from 1971.  

 (Click on the bottom CC for ENGLISH subtitles)  

Their idealized dream was never doubted and they always felt that success was just around the corner. The Land of Opportunity truly was in America and this family proved that with determination and hard work ~ anything is possible! 

By sharing this personal story, they hope this gives inspiration to other immigrants and refugees to keep striving and working towards their goals. 

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