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History of ELAJ

History of ELAJ

How did an obscure wound care formula become a global brand for eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems?  

From a street faire in Palm Desert, California to mass retail in less than 7 years? It's an extraordinary story of listening to the customers. They really are always right! They guided Suhein Beck in the direction ELAJ needed to go, despite her wanting a different route. But she listened. 

Now you can listen to how it all started...

The crazy part of this story is how Suhein just wanted the easy way to sell her grandfather's formula. But when the customers kept returning with better ideas, they literally carved her business path out for her. The rest of the story from this video and where it leaves off is pretty darn extraordinary. 
Stay tuned for the next post that describes how Suhein took her little family's formula global.  

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